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Christiania seedbank Рcannabis seeds of unique genetics for collectible purposes.


We are offering Cannabis seeds of the highest quality. Precisly selected, fresh and properly stored. Low prices, but don’t get it wrong – the quality is still our main goal and fair prices are granted for all. We are shipping discreetly Worldwide.


Christiania Seedbank

Christiania seedbank was established on the edge of the year 2016 and 2017 in Free Town of Christiania.

We are working on stabilization and recombinations of oldschool collection of Landrace strains, and further development of new-age crosses. The Nordic weather is quite colder for proper outdoor cultivation. From our point we are focused on short flowering strains with high potency and powerfull auto-flowering strains. Both with high resistance to environmental stress and pest issues.

In our offer you can find six stabilized auto-flowering and seven photoperiodic strains. We are also offering classic danish pot seeds and some of worlds landrace strains.

Our strains are grown and bred by using fully organic feeding and environmental conditions. Chosen are only healthy plants with desired traits to produce desired progeny. By thorough selection, we are looking for many aspects which will keep the genome of cross-bred plants which are stable and resistant with heavy outcome.

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