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Is legal to buy Cannabis seeds?

  • In Denmark, as well in many other countries you can buy Cannabis seeds legaly, without any permitions or limitations. However, we advice you to check out the law in the country of destination, if there is any regulations regarding Hemp seeds to do not break the local laws.

What data protection and anonymity actions we use?

  • We are protecting all data of our customers and visitors. Our web services are protected against any 3rd party surveilance and attacks.
  • All your data is fully erased from our website database after 30 days from placig the order. You can also request immediate erase of your data right after you order.
  • The website contact form and email comunication is secured and all emails are erased on request.
  • For anonymous payment process you can pay with Bitcoins

How is shipping of the items?

  • All our products are packed into discrete packages.
  • We ship worldwide, the price is approximately 9euros / 10USD NON tracked parcel and 18USD for Tracked parcel.
  • Shipping time differ by destination, but is approimately 2-4 days for Denmark, 4-10 days for Europe, 14-25 days into countries out of Europe
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