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Phenotyping of hemp cultivars 2021 – CBD / CBG hemp cultivars

Phenotyping of hemp cultivars in Valley of Dolni Lomna. Our breeding plot is located in national nature park of Beskydy mountain range. Area of hills, large forests and colorful meadows.

Here we are running the 3rd generation of the project targeted to stabilize a cultivar of hemp plants for high CBD and low THC content. Final postprocess is focused for CBD / CBG rich biomass production with possibility of fibers postproces.

We proceed phenotypic selection of desired traits as plant vitality, uniformity, overall morphologic structure, environmental resistance and vigor. The phenotyping screening took 3 main phases upon the vegetative stage and more thoroughly in flowering period. Full time environmental data has been collected with our custom made weather-unit onsite.

As quick chemotypical tool we are using Thin Layer Chromatography tools to determine approximate cannabinoids content of the examined parental lines which are further analysed using Gas Chromatography for specific results.

Phenotypic and chemotype analysis results will highlight the further parental lines in this particular fillial generation.

Plants express greater resistance against low temperaturers and high air humidity in the flowering stage in compare with trial varietes choosen from EU certified list of hemp varietes. Also the vigorous growth abilities in the given environment are highly uplifted.

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