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Calamity Jane is our strongest representative, with THC levels close to 20%

GeneticsHybrid with Sativa predominance
Cultivation time (growth + flowering)75 days
Production m²550 – 600 g
Outside production per plant100 – 250 g
TasteCombination of sweet notes with a penetrating citrus flavor, softly flavored.
EffectEuphoric and psychedelic cerebral.


Calamity Jane is an American tough girl, who stands out for her high THC content.

Calamity Jane proves wrong those who say that autoflowering varieties are less potent. Its high THC content can compete face to face with non autoflowering varieties in the market.

It’s the fruit of our work using the Grimm’s Brothers american classic genetics. Our Seed Bank has developed many lines and has finally selected the new Calamity Jane, a Sativa predominant hybrid, created through crossings with our Magnum and using massal selection and chromatography analytic techniques.

After years of applying top notch techniques to select the best specimen, we have increased the potency in all our varieties. Nonetheless Calamity Jane is the paramount, reaching THC levels up to 20%.

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