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Citrus & piny taste
In genome of this sofisticated polyhybrid we can find mesh of five prestige strains as a AK47, Northen Lights, Master Kush, Sour Bubble and Lowryder. The result is stabilized, ultra fast auto-flowering plant which showing two phenotypes, Rocketman with main very dense cola surrounded by only few side buds and the pheno we call Lilla produces a lot of dense purple buds covered with bright resin. Lilla pheno is taller and can complete in height of 120cm and same as Rocketman pheno will be done about 71 days. Lilla to Rocketman ratio 1:3




Genetic background – {Sour Bubble X Master Kush} X {AK47 sativa pheno X Northen Lights} X Lowryder
Variety – Auto Hybrid
Height – 50-120cm
Indoor – Harvest about 71 days / 20-70 gpp*
Outdoor – Harvest about 71 days / 20-70 gpp*

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