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Roots and Directions


Christiania Seedbank was established in Fristaden Christiania on the edge of 2016 and 2017. It was many years before, when we started with hobby breeding experiments, which was more like pollen chucking. Always when there was the superior plant with the greater potency, smell, effect, appearance, resistance, blooming time and / or  other benefits, the only way to keep the genome of the best plants was to reproduce them.

Over time it became to be the passion and more experiences and knowledge was gained. New breeding techniques, instruments and phenotyping tools were explored and implemented so much more observations and records could be performed in an effective way. There was some great polyhybrids created from pure Landrace strains, which later used to establish parental lines for further research and real plant breeding journey.

As we brought our old breeding stock into our programs, new strains and recombinations are coming to focus on terpene profile and morphological development in harsh environments. The main idea was to reveal old blends of cannabis and bring new and unique crosses to the nowadays cannabis scene, which are suitable for Nordic weather, but also can be cultivated with high efficiency in cooler climate zones. Resistance is the key!

This is our passion, this is our world.

From Christiania, with Love.

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